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Our approach
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 Our approach


Our CSR strategy is comprised of two key areas: our Energy and Sustainability Services provided to clients and our internal ACTprogram, which focuses on reducing our operational impacts. Together they form a powerful strategy that has the potential to create a significant legacy in our industry.


What does CSR mean to Jones Lang LaSalle?

Embedded in our DNA – We define CSR as the actions we take to promote and protect the environmental, social and economic interests of future generations. One aspect of our role as a corporate citizen is to ensure a sustainable and prosperous world over the long term.

First in sustainability – We aim to be a leader in sustainable Real Estate Services. We are in a position to significantly influence the sector through the advice we provide to our clients, which directly and indirectly address many of the challenges faced by society.


What are the ‘two pillars’ of our CSR strategy?

We have established a CSR and sustainability strategy that is focused on two key pillars:

1.  The Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) we provide to clients

2.  ACT: ‘A Cleaner Tomorrow’ program, which seeks to reduce our own operational impacts














What issues does our CSR strategy address?


Understanding our impacts   Based on a robust materiality assessment, we have identified the following five sustainability issues that form the basis for our CSR strategy:


What is the business case for CSR?


Better for our people, better for our clients and shareholders and better for the communities in which we do business During 2010, our CEO and President Colin Dyer published a paper that addressed the question of why a company should spend time and effort on CSR activities. It makes the case for our pursuit of a broad CSR agenda and shows how the Firm is using CSR concepts and ideas to create and improve its service offering. More generally, it looks at why a company can provide a good return on shareholders’ money when it deploys resources on CSR initiatives. The paper can be downloaded from our CSR website.


How do we manage CSR?


Top to bottom commitment – Our Global Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) Board and Global Operating Committee feed directly into our Board of Directors. Both groups are guided by our Global Sustainability Commitment. Regional governance structures are also in place to ensure alignment of CSR activities and our Energy and Sustainability Services across all countries of operation.

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