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Resilient Cities and Urban Futures


The vulnerability of our cities is felt even more acutely following the destructive impact of extreme weather events. Populations, infrastructure and economies are increasingly affected as city governments try to balance the long-term challenges of climate mitigation with the need for short-term adaptation against natural disasters.

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Scaling Sustainability Efforts

Buildings in large cities account for two-thirds of total energy consumption and many city governments are rising to the challenge of reducing their environmental impact, with efforts ranging from neighbourhood projects to complex global networks. Better Buildings Partnerships (BBP), designed to streamline real estate performance benchmarking and the North American 2030 District are two examples of initiatives helping cities to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Reporting

Governments, city authorities and corporations need data to understand their position and guidelines such as GRI or platforms like CDP provide organisations with the necessary framework for non-financial sustainability reporting. It has taken over a decade to achieve some level of uniformity in this process and the advent of socio-economic sustainability reporting will make such frameworks complete.

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