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Flood Risk – Response Strategies


Currently estimated at € 5.5 bn per annum, flood related property losses in Europe are predicted to increase 8 fold by 2050. While insurance companies rely on historic data to calculate risk premiums, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict how the existing risk transfer mechanisms will be affected given the exponential rise in the number and severity of extreme weather events around the globe. What are the implications for commercial property?

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Real Estate at the Heart of Sustainable Business

Companies actively seeking to improve sustainability performance need to ensure their corporate real estate (CRE) team is aligned with, and able to deliver, their priority sustainability objectives. Taking into account the four stages in the corporate sustainability journey, what are the implications of each of these for CRE teams?

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Productivity and Workplace Economics

How can sustainable workplaces enhance employee well-being and what features in your space will positively influence productivity?

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Sustainability: What is it Worth?

Despite a widely held belief that sustainability investment should underpin financial success, evidence supporting this remains difficult to compile. What can be learned from organisations that ‘got it right’, firmly embedding sustainability into their mainstream business strategy?

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