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Introducing China50

As part of Jones Lang LaSalle's World Winning Cities Research Programme, China50 focuses on 50 cities across China beyond its Tier 1 cities that will offer substantial commercial real estate opportunities over the next decade.

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Fifty Real Estate Markets that Matter

The China50 cities are being transformed at an unprecedented rate by the scale of building, the pace of economic development and huge levels of infrastructure investment. The impact is now being felt across China's commercial real estate markets.

Why are the China50 important?
The China50 Research Programme

China's City Winners - City Profiles

Tianjin: one of the world’s fastest growing large cities
Double digit growth in the economy, expansion of infrastructure, increases to occupier demand and strong investor interest in the real estate sector supported Tianjin to become the fourth largest city economy in China.

More City Profiles
Chongqing | Qingdao | Wuhan | Shenyang

China50 Interactive

Which cities in China have the strongest real estate potential over the next decade? Compare cities by key economic and property market indicators. View our 'city cobwebs' and use our interactive map to spot the opportunities.

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City Evolution Curve

We have developed a framework for assessing the characteristics of China's cities based on a broad range of economic and real estate indicators

View our City Evolution Curve to see how China's city hierarchy is taking shape.

Sector Opportunities

  • Retail: A significant real estate opportunity
  • Logistics: An underdeveloped sector
  • Offices: Domestic firms driving demand
  • Business Parks: Aligns with growth sectors
  • Hotels: Tier 3 cities presenting opportunities
  • Investment: Targeting retail and logistics

Retail | Logistics | Offices | Business Parks | Hotels | Investment

KK Fung, Managing Director of
Jones Lang LaSalle China



KK Fung
Managing Director, China

Michael Klibaner
Head of Research,China

Jeremy Kelly
World Winning Cities Research

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